University announces the need to employ training supervisors in its clinical skills center

Emergency Medicine Course Final Tests

The ER Mind Emergency Medicine course concluded yesterday evening with the final theoretical (paper and chip) and Applied Clinical Tests, which qualify the participant for a certificate of attendance of the course accredited by the Libyan International Medical University.

The course, presented by Dr. Mohammed Al-Aqouri, was held at the Clinical Skills Center of the Libyan International Medical University and lasted about a month four days a week, which included theoretical lectures and practical applications, focusing on the following topics:

Common presentations and medical emergencies in the ER:

✔️How to recognize the serious patient.
✔️How to deal with the serious patient.
✔️Decision making skills.
✔️Commonly used investigations in the ER.
✔️Drugs used in the ER and timing of their use.
✔️vasopressors (basics).
✔️basic setting of Mechanical Ventilator.
✔️Theoretical exam.
✔️Clinical exam (case simulation.

Dr. Mohammed Al-Aqouri is a specialist in Critical Internal Diseases and a British Fellowship in The Interior and the British Fellowship in Acute Diseases.